# Manage partners

Access from homepage: Select your event > Service centre > Partners

# Partner actions

On the Visitors tab you can perform various actions. You can apply the actions to all users, or select users and apply the actions to the selected users.

  1. Select Actions.

  2. Select one of the following actions:

    Action Description
    Add partner Manually add a partner. Visit allows you to choose the registration form to use.
    Import partners Bulk import partners from an Excel spreadsheet: Upload your file. Choose the type of mapping you wish to proceed with. Fix any found errors. Select Finish.
    Send e-mail Email users.
    Export Export user data as an Excel spreadsheet.
    Delete Delete users.

# Edit a partner

  1. Hover over the partner you want to edit.

  2. Select Edit

    . Visit displays the Edit company details page. You can edit company information such as address, and partner information such as name.

  3. To view details relating to an event, select the event in the Registered events menu.

  4. Select a tab to view and edit details and perform other actions:

    Tab Options
    Event details Edit the Booth number, Booth size, Registration type or Translation.
    You can also add tags so you can easier identify them when needed.
    Use the Visit Partner activation link to create a new login to Visit Partner.Select
    Open Visit Partner to open this partner's Visit Partner account.
    Personnel Lists personnel associated with this partner.
    Codes View existing action codes, or select + Add to add a new one. Action codes track which partner a registrant came through.
    Invitations Registrants invited by this partner.
    Licences View and manage Visit Connect and device licences.
    Email overview View email progress.
  5. Select Save to save changes.

  6. Select Back to return to the Partners list.