# Manage orders

Access from homepage: Select your event > Service centre > Orders

# Sort and filter orders

By default, Visit displays all orders. You can sort the list by selecting one of the column titles.

You can also filter by order status:

  1. Select Filter .
  2. Select an order status from the dropdown.

# View and edit order data

You can view and edit order details in the Edit contact section of the Service centre.

  1. Browse for the order, or find a specific order by entering the order code in the search box.

  2. Select an order to view a preview of the order details.

  3. Select View details

    on the order list, or select View details in the details preview. Visit opens the Orders tab in the Edit contact section.

  4. You can see details of the order, including which items the registrant purchased. You can also view other orders by the same registrant.

  5. Select Edit to make changes to the order.

  6. Use the plus and minus buttons to remove or restore items.

  7. Select Recalculate & save to update the total cost and save the changes.


    This cannot be undone.

  8. Select Back to return to the Orders tab in the Service centre.

# Export orders

You can export the order list and payment report as a .xlsx file.

  1. Select the orders you want to export.
  2. Select Export.
  3. Select Downloads
    to view the document's progress and download the file.