# Review emails

Access from homepage: Select your event > Service centre > Email overview

You can view the status and details of emails sent from Visit to visitors and partners.

# Email statuses

  • Preparing: Visit is compiling the emails.
  • Running: Visit is sending the emails.
  • Finished: Visit has finished the email job.

# View email summary

Select the email by clicking on it anywhere. Visit displays a summary of the email batch:

Field Description
Time The time the email job started.
Type Bulk: emails sent through Actions > Send e-mail in the Service centre.
Invite: emails sent through Actions > Invite in the Service centre.
Opted out Emails not sent as the recipient has chosen not to receive emails.
No email address Emails not sent as the recipient's email address is missing.
Queued Emails waiting to dispatch.
Delivered Emails successfully delivered to the target email domain.
Bounced Emails that bounced. Emails can bounce for various reasons, including the recipient's mailbox is full or the email address is incorrect.
Total Total emails in this mailing.

Select Close to hide the details.

# View email details

  1. Select More
  2. The Email details page shows the recipient name, email state and error information for each email in the batch.
  3. Optional: Select Edit
    to edit the visitor or partner details. For more information refer to Manage partners or Manage visitors.