# Add payment service providers

Access from homepage: Select your event > Organisation > PSP Profile Setup

# Add a payment provider

  1. Select + Add.

  2. Enter the payment provider settings:

    Setting Description
    Payment provider Select one of the supported payment providers.
    Mode Select Test or Live. You must be in Live mode for Visit to process payments.
    Name Enter a name for this payment service provider. This is the name Visit uses to display it in the interface.
    Description Optional. A description of the payment service provider.
    Username The username provided by the payment service provider.
    Password The password provided by the payment service provider.
    Merchant code Worldpay only. The code provided by the payment service provider.
    Outlet Reference Network International only
    API Key Network International only
  3. Select Save to add the provider and return to the PSP Profile Setup page.

For more information on linking payment service providers to Visit, refer to Payment service providers.

# Edit a payment provider

  1. Hover over the payment provider you want to edit.
  2. Select Edit
  3. Change the payment provider settings. Refer to Add a payment provider for more information about the settings.
  4. Select Save.

# View payment provider mode

To check if a payment provider is in live or test mode, hover over the payment provider. Live payment providers have the Live label. Test payment providers have the Test label.