Access from homepage: Select your event > Organisation > GDPR

You can search for visitors by full name or email address. The results display the contact record. Every event the contact is registered for is displayed in the Events column.

# Find a contact

  1. Enter a name or email address. If using the name, enter the full name for best results.
  2. Select the row to Anonymise or Delete the contact record, or send the Personal Data emai.

# Data management

Data Management allows users to permanently delete visitor and partner personal data from 1 or more events within their organisation.

To clear data, users must:

  • Log into their Visit account
  • Go to Organisation > GDPR > Data management
  • Select the event you wish to clear the data for
  • Click on Clear in the right lower cornet of the screen.

Undo clear data

Data will be permanently deleted 7 days after performing this action. Should users wish to reconsider, they can reverse the process within this 7 days period of time.

To unclear data users must:

  • Click on the date, which is the final delete date, indicated in the list, and click on Cancel clear

Orphaned contacts

Contacts which are not associated with any visitor or partner record can also be deleted.

  • To delete orphaned contacts click on Clear orphaned contacts.