# Add and edit questions

Access from homepage: Select your event > Form > Questions

You can add a new question, or edit an existing question. For information about questions provided by Visit, refer to Questions and pages.

You can also create questions within a registration form. Refer to Create and add questions for more information.

# Add a question

  1. Select + Add.
  2. Provide the following question settings:
Setting Description
Question level Event level questions are only available for use with the event you are currently editing. Organisation level questions are available to all events across the current organisation.
Name in list The name Visit uses to display the question, for example on the questions list and the event setup's Visitor questions tab.
Reference Add a reference to your question to easier identify and update it via the API.
Question text Enter the question. Provide a version for each translation.
Text position Controls how Visit positions the question on registration forms.
Type Controls the answer type. The options are:
  • Open: Visit asks you to set the size of the text box. This changes how the text box appears on forms. Both choices allow 250 character answers.

  • Dropdown, Radio or Checkbox: Visit asks you to define an answer list. Select + Add to add an answer, or Delete to remove an answer. You can sort the answer list manually by dragging and dropping the answers, or alphabetically by selecting Alphabetical in the Sort answers dropdown.
  1. Select Save.

# Edit a question


Visit provides some default questions, which you cannot edit. Visit marks these questions with a lock icon.

  1. Browse or search for the question you want to edit. You can filter the questions list to show only System, Organisation or Event questions.
  2. Select Edit
    . Visit displays the question form.
  3. Make your changes. Refer Add a question for information on each setting.
  4. Select Save.