# Configure Visit Connect integration

Access from homepage: Select your event > Event > Visit Connect

This document describes the Visit Connect tasks in Visit. For the Visit Connect documentation, refer to the Visit Connect documentation.

# Enable Visit Connect features

  1. Select Settings.

  2. Select the feature you want to enable.

  3. Optional: modify feature settings.

    Setting Description
    Personnel Select + Add personnel setting to add personnel types, registration forms, and shop items for personnel. In the Personnel registration settings modal, select Configure shop item to create a shop item for badge orders. For more information on shop items, refer to Add and edit items. Use the checkboxes to allow partners to send out personnel vouchers, and to prefill personnel registration forms.Select a Payment service provider for badge orders.
    Invite Allow partners to customise their registration form.Select Allow partners to view their action codes to enable the Action Codes tab on the Visit Partner Invite page. This allows partners to see any action codes (such as visitor discount codes) that you create for them.
    Registrants Choose whether to allow partners to export registrant details.
    Visit Connect Enable the Visit Connect menu in Visit Partner.

# Add custom dashboard text

You can customise the welcome text that Visit Partner displays on its dashboard.

  1. Select Texts.
  2. Enter the welcome text for each translation.
  3. Select Save.

# Share visitor answers with partners

Visitors provide answers to questions during registration. You can choose to share these with partners.

  1. Select Question list.
  2. Select the questions you want to share, or deselect questions to unshare them.
  3. Select Save.

# Enable cross scanning

Cross scanning allows partners to scan visitors across co-located events with the same Visit Connect licence.

  1. Select Cross scanning.
  2. Hover over an event from the Available events list.
  3. Select Link.