# Configure Visit Connect

Visit Connect is a lead generation tool that supports exhibitors at events.

Access from homepage: Select your event > Event > Visit Connect

This document describes the Visit Connect tasks in Visit. For the Visit Connect documentation, refer to the Visit Connect documentation.

# Enable Visit Connect features

  1. Select Settings.

  2. Select the feature you want to enable.

  3. Optional: modify feature settings.

    Setting Description Sub-features
    Staff By enabling Staff option, you enable this partner type to register their staff through Visit Connect. Add Staff Setting – defines staff based on the different registration types existing in the event.
    You must correlate the registration type with a registration form in order to finalize the action.

    Other options: You can limit the number of badges for each registrant, choose a specific digital badge type for them, Enable import for staff and also configure a shop item for badge orders.

    Allow partners to print and email their staff vouchers

    Prefill the staff registration form with the partner's company name

    Prefill the staff registration form with the partner's company address

    Select a Payment Service Provider - You can either choose Test or Live depending on the status of your event.
    Invite By enabling the Invite checkbox, an icon will appear in the Visit Connect menu. Allow partners to make use of/create a personalized registration form - based on the registration form selected;
    Partners can create their own URLs to measure the success of a particular campaign.
    Allow partners to view their Action Codes – partners see the list of action codes created by the organizer (discount codes etc.)

    Allow partners to customize the registration form -partners can add a logo and text which appear before starting the registration process created by the organizer.
    Registrants The Registrants checkbox allows partners to see this tab in Visit Connect menu. Allow partners to export their registrants information - allow partners to export the information about the registrants who either registered through the registration links created by the partners or who registered using an action code of that partner.
    Content Management By clicking on the Content Management checkbox, partners can see the Digital Content tab in Visit Connect menu and manage their company and product information. N/A
    Visibile in Visitor Portal
    Visitors are able to see all the partners without the need to scan their Digital Content. N/A

# Add custom dashboard text

You can customise the welcome text that Visit Connect displays on its dashboard.

  1. Select Texts.
  2. Enter the welcome text for each translation.
  3. Select Save.

# Share visitor answers with partners

Visitors provide answers to questions during registration. You can choose to share these with partners.

  1. Select Question list.
  2. Select the questions you want to share, or deselect questions to unshare them.
  3. Select Save.

# SSO (Single Sign-On)

As the name implies, the Single Sign-On simplifies the experience across integrations with 3rd parties.

It requires a one-time setup on the exhibitors' portal server and placing a script that contains a pre shared key and event code. In this manner, the Single Sign-on won't require a double authentication when switching from an owned portal to Visit Connect.

The pre shared key and event code are found here: Visit > Event > Visit Connect > SSO


For more information about the setup on owned portals, follow one of these steps:

A. Review some sample PHP scripts as an example of understand the type of script needed to be placed on the server.

B. Simulate a 3rd party integration here (opens new window).

  • Introduce the pre-shared key and event code from Visit > Event > Visit Connect > SSO.
  • Type the Contact Reference which is found in Visit > Service Centre > Partners. Choose a partner and copy the Reference code.
  • Click on Generate request.