# Add and manage registration types

Access from homepage: Select your event > Event > Registration Types

Registration types allow you to group people who register for your events. There are two sets of registration types: one for visitors (registrant types) and another for partners (partner types). You can configure your form to assign the correct registration type during the registration process. For more information, refer to Set up forms. You can also use the registration type elsewhere in Visit, for example to assign different versions of badges, and when monitoring registrations and generating reports.

A new event inherits all the registration types of the organisation. You can delete unwanted registration types from the event.

# Add a registration type

  1. Select Registrant type to add a new type for visitors, or Partner type to add a new type for partners.
  2. Select + Add.
  3. Enter the registration type name. Visit uses this when displaying the registration type in Visit.
  4. Select a level. Event level items are available for use in the current event. Organisation level items are available for use across all events in the organisation.
  5. Optional: enter a description and select a colour for the registration type.
  6. Select Save to create the registration type and return to the Registration Types list.

# Edit a registration type

  1. Hover over the target registration type.
  2. Select the Edit icon 
  3. Change the registration type details.
  4. Select Save.