# Set up iCalendar

Access from homepage: Select your event > Design > iCalendar

iCalendar allows registrants to save event dates to their calendar. You can only have one iCalendar entry per event.

# Create an iCalendar item

  1. Enter the Calendar text for each translation. This appears in the appointment dialogue box when a registrant clicks the iCalendar link.
  2. Optional: select + Add field to add dynamic fields to the appointment dialogue.

# Include the iCalendar in an email template

  1. Navigate to Design > Email Templates.
  2. Find the email template and select Edit
    . Refer to Edit an email template for more information.
  3. In the email body, select Add field
  4. Search for "iCalendar".
  5. Select Link iCalendar.
  6. Select Add.