# Add and configure documents

Access from homepage: Select your event > Design > Documents

You can create and configure documents, such as letters, badges or vouchers, for use across Visit. This page describes how to add and edit documents.

Visit manages email templates separately. Refer to Create email templates for more information.

# Add a document

  1. Select + Add.
  2. Enter a name for the document. This is the name Visit uses to display the document.
  3. Select a document template.
  4. Select Save. Visit takes you to the document configuration screen.
  5. Optional: make the document your default document. You must have one default document, which acts as a fallback if you do not attach a document to your form. Refer to Configure form settings for more information.
  6. Optional: make the document available at Organisation level so you can access it from all events and then modify it as needed per event. You can do this by changing the Document Level to Organisation.

# Configure a document

To access the configuration screen from the Documents list:

  1. Hover over the document you want to configure.
  2. Select Edit

# Add and edit elements

Add a new element:

  1. Select the element type, for example, Text.

  2. Draw the element where you want it to go on the page. For text elements, type the text you want. For image elements, Visit opens an image selection window, allowing you to use an image you previously uploaded, or to upload a new one.

  3. Configure the element in the Properties menu.

  4. Optional: use dynamic fields and custom fields.

    1. Select the element.
    2. In the Properties menu, select Insert a field .
    3. Select a field from the list.
    4. Select Add. Visit adds the field code in the text element.

Edit an existing element:

  1. Select the element on the Elements list, or use the Select tool to choose an element on the page. When you select an element, Visit displays the Properties menu for the element.

  2. Edit the element settings in the Properties menu.


    For pre-branded designs, you can add a watermark to the document. Only one watermark is available per document.

# Add and edit rules

Rules allow you to show or hide elements in a document, based on certain conditions. This means you can produce different versions of a document, from a single document design. For example, you could use rules to display a coloured dot that indicates which registrant type a registrant is. Place multiple, overlapping, coloured shapes in the document, and add rules that hide or show them depending on registration type.

  1. Select Add rule to add a new rule, or Edit rule to modify an existing rule.

  2. Provide the following rule settings:

    Setting Description
    Name Enter a name for the rule.
    Apply this rule when at least ONE condition below applies/ Only apply this rule when ALL conditions below apply Choose one.
    Conditions Set up the rule conditions. Select a Category and Field. These relate to fields on the registration form. Then choose an Operation and Value.
    Operations Choose what to do when the conditions are met. You can show or hide an element, or modify text.
  3. Select Save.