# Manage content

Access from homepage: Select your event > Design > Digital content

Content refers to digital content that the event organiser or partners give to visitors at an event. This could be brochures, white papers, images, website links and so on. Visitors collect the content by tapping a touchpoint or scanning a QR code.

This page describes how to add content to Visit, how to print content QR codes and how to assign/unassign touchpoints to content.

Partners can also add digital content, using Visit Connect. For more information, refer to Visit Connect - Add digital content.

# Content

There are three types of content:

  • Event content: event organisers can create and manage event content in Visit.
  • Partner content: Visit creates a digital partner content record every time a partner is added. You cannot manually add partner content groups.
  • Product content: Product content is linked to each Visit Touchpoint that an exhibitor has at an event. Product content requires a Visit Touchpoint licence. Partners add this content using Visit Connect.

# Add an event content group

  1. Select + Add.
  2. Create an event content group:
    1. Select an option from the Source dropdown. The Source is where the content sits and will impact how the content will open when users interact with it.
      • Internal - content created exclusively in Visit. Will open content page in Visit.
      • Link - content will open the added external link.
      • Jublia - content will open an iframe within Visitor Portal with the Jublia page.
    2. Enter a name for the event content group. Visit uses this to display the content in the UI.
    3. Select Upload file to upload your logo.
    4. Optional: enter a description.
    5. Select the Public checkbox if you wish to allow visitors to digitally collect it.
    6. Select Save.

# Add content to a group

  1. Before adding content, either Add an event content group or select an existing group to Edit groups and content
  2. Select Add content.
  3. Enter a name for the content. Visit uses this to display the content in the UI.
  4. Select the content Type. Depending on the type, you have the option to upload assets or enter text.
  5. Select Save to add the content and return to the company information page.
  6. Select Add content to add more content, or select ← Back to return to the content list.

# Edit groups and content

  1. Hover over the content group you want to edit.
  2. Select Edit
  3. Change the content settings, or select Add content to add more content.
  4. Select Save.

# Bulk import and export partner logos and descriptions

Access from homepage: Select your event > Design > Digital content > Partner content

You can import partner logos and descriptions from a spreadsheet, to bulk update partner digital content. The logo and description appear in the Visitor Portal when a visitor interacts with the partner.

  1. Select Import.
  2. Select Download to download a template.
  3. Add partner logos to the template. The template file contains detailed instructions.
  4. Select Upload file to upload your logo spreadsheet.
  5. Select Import to add the logos to Visit.

You can also export the same partner information:

  1. Select Export.
  2. Choose the export file type.
  3. Select Export. Visit prepares the file.
  4. When the file is ready, select Downloads
    , then select the file you want to download.

# Content QR codes

QR codes automatically appear in Visit and Visit Connect when the QR code feature is activated. Partners can download and print them from Visit Connect. To activate QR codes, your organisation must have the Visitor Portal module in its contract, and your Visit account manager must add the QR code licence to the event. Contact your account manager for more information.

You are able to print the QR codes of content with a connected Zebra printer. This is currently only supported in Chrome on macOS and Chrome on Windows 7 or higher.


On Windows a one time driver installation is required:

  1. Download the Zadig USB driver installation tool, you can get it here (opens new window)
  2. Plug in your Zebra printer
  3. Run the downloaded tool, no installation is required.
  4. Select the Zebra printer from the dropdown list (e.g. 'ZTC G420d'). If it's not available in the list, try selecting Options > List all devices
  5. Select WinUSB in the input field
  6. Select Install driver or Replace driver
  1. Make sure your Zebra printer is plugged in
  2. Select the content items you want to print
  3. Select Print QR codes


QR codes can be printed in different formats: small, large and large with help (this includes content details).

# Assign / unassign Touchpoints to content

Touchpoints can be assigned and unassigned to and from Digital Content in both Visit and EventBox.

Access from homepage: Select your event > Design > Digital content > Event content / Partner content

  • Select Design > Digital Content
  • Select the content you wish to assign a Touchpoint to
  • Plug a Touchpoint with compatible firmware (contact your client manager) to your computer and press connect
  • Place the Touchpoint you wish to link to your content on the plugged Touchpoint and assign it.

Auto assign Touchpoints

For a faster assign process, click on the auto assign button. This will automatically select the next digital content on the list and the user can simply place a new Touchpoint on the plugged Touchpoint to get it assigned.

Unassign Touchpoints

To unassign a Touchpoint, simply place a linked Touchpoint on the plugged Touchpoint and click on unassign.

Print label

It's possible to automatically print a label with a Zebra printer when you check print label


For information on adding the content to Touchpoints via EventBox, refer to Assign a touchpoint to an exhibitor.