# Release notes Visit 4.5

# Overview

With Visit 4.5, we provide new timeslot functionality to manage visitors, QR codes to deliver digital content, and improvements to our form builder.

# Highlights

# System availability during release

The release will take place on Sunday 19th July 2020, starting at 23:00 (CEST). During the release, some functions of Visit by GES will not be accessible and registrations may be unable to take place. We expect the required work to take less than one hour, after which functionality will be fully restored. @VisitStatus (opens new window) will tweet once the work is complete.

# Visit by GES

# Timeslots

You can now define timeslots with a maximum visitor limit in your event setup. Visitors choose a timeslot when registering. You can then define access control rules in your EventBox to manage event entry. This allows you to limit the number of people in your venue. Refer to Set attendance timeslots for more information.

# Bulk import and export partner logos and descriptions

You can now import partner logos and descriptions from a spreadsheet, to bulk update partner digital content. The partner logo and description appears in the Visitor Portal when a visitor interacts with a QR code or touchpoint associated with the partner. Refer to Bulk import and export partner logos and descriptions for more information.

# Improved registration setup experience

The 4.5 release includes several improvements to the registration form editor:

  • You can no longer delete or edit organisation level questions in the form builder.
  • You cannot add or delete questions from organisation level pages in the form builder.
  • Questions and answers in the form builder have clearer controls, and an improved look and feel.
  • There is now a timeout warning when editing.
  • You can now add the same page to a form more than once. Note that this does not apply to system level pages.

# You can now export visitor comments

Visitor comments are now included in the visitor record and the visitor export. Refer to Visitor actions for information on how to export visitor records.

# Bug fixes and fixes for known issues

Visit 4.5 includes fixes for several bugs and known issues.

Bug / Issue Resolution
A warning about unsaved changes sometimes appeared when it shouldn't on the Partners tab in the Service Centre. Removed the unnecessary warning.
Accessing the Organisation > Setup > Custom Fields tab triggers the browser's Save Password feature. Accessing the tab no longer causes the browser to prompt you to save your password.
Generating documents in the Service Centre produced an error. Generate documents now works as expected.

# Visitor Portal

# QR codes

Partners can now deliver content using QR codes. This works in a similar way to touchpoints. Organisers and partners upload digital content. Visitors can scan the QR codes using the Visitor Portal mobile app. Visitors then receive the digital content, and Visit Connect records them as a lead for the partner.

Refer to Manage content for more information on enabling QR codes in your event.

# Coming soon

# Removal of two columns from visitor export

In Visit 4.6 we will remove the 'payment time' and 'payment code' columns from the visitor export spreadsheet. The columns will still be available in the orders export.