# Release notes Visit 4.4

# Overview

With Visit 4.4, we provide a new Shop, and Visit 3 reaches end of life.

# Highlights

# System availability during release

The release will take place on Sunday 14th June 2020, starting at 23:00 (CEST). During the release, some functions of Visit by GES will not be accessible and registrations may be unable to take place. We expect the required work to take less than one hour, after which functionality will be fully restored. @VisitStatus (opens new window) will tweet once the work is complete.

# Visit by GES

# Shop

It is now easier to create a shop for your event. You no longer need to create products. Instead, create and bundle shop items. For more information, refer to Add and edit items.

You can also import shop items both to edit existing items and create new ones. Refer to Export, edit and import items for more information.


This feature is primarily intended for editing existing items. It has some limitations: you cannot edit item titles or descriptions. We are working on a solution for this.

Visit will automatically convert all existing shop products to shop items.

# Visit 3 end of life

As the next step in our end of life plan for Visit 3 this release contains the following changes:

  • If you try to log in to Visit 3, you are redirected to Visit 4.
  • Visit 3 forms are listed in Visit 4. If you select a Visit 3 form for editing, Visit opens the form in the Visit 3 form editor. You can edit the form as normal. You cannot create any new forms in Visit 3.
  • You must use Visit 4 to create new forms, and other items.
  • You cannot use forms created in Visit 3 with the EventBox.


Access to Visit 3 forms will end in November. After that date it will not be possible to view or edit forms created in Visit 3.

# Event level scripts

You can now add event level scripts. In Visit 4.3 and earlier, scripts were only available at the organisation level. For more information, refer to Add scripts.

# View digital content in the EventBox

You can now view digital content related to the event from the EventBox, when the EventBox is in Visit Connect mode.

# Display 'scanned' status of ticket in Service Centre

In the Service Centre you can view which tickets in an order have been scanned.

You can search for orders using the Quick menu search box in the navigation menu, or the Search box in the Service Centre.

You can now search by:

  • Payment code
  • Order number
  • Registration key
  • Visitor code
  • Partner code

# Intelligence synchronisation changes

By default Visit freezes all data two weeks after the event end date. You can now choose to override this, for example if you need to postpone the event. Refer to Data freeze and manual synchronisation for more information.

# Reply-to for the SPF misconfiguration fallback

If a registrant receives an email from the noreply@gesevent.com address and they try to reply to it, the 'to' address used will be the event contract email address.

When SPF is not configured properly, or if a domain is blocked, Visit replaces the event contact email with noreply@gesevent.com. This ensures that the email still sends. We introduced this in Visit 4.2. Refer to SPF validation for more information.

# Bug fixes and fixes for known issues

Visit 4.4 includes fixes for several bugs and known issues.

Bug / Issue Resolution
It is not possible to define registration closed text at form level. You can now customise the text that Visit displays for a form when registration is closed. Refer to Edit the welcome page for more information.
It is not possible to select None when setting email rules for registration forms. You can now choose None as the email template for a rule, meaning if the rule conditions are met, Visit does not send an email.
You cannot use the country field in rules to show or hide visitor questions. The country field is now available when creating visitor question rules.