# Release notes Visit 4.3

# Overview

With Visit 4.3, we provide a new EventBox, additional functionality in Visit, and new API functionality.

# Highlights

# System availability during release

The release will take place on Sunday 26 April 2020, starting at 23:00 (CEST). During the release, some functions of Visit by GES will not be accessible and registrations may be unable to take place. We expect the required work to take less than one hour, after which functionality will be fully restored. @VisitStatus (opens new window) will tweet once the work is complete.

# Visit by GES

# EventBox 4

The updated EventBox provides a modern interface, consistent with Visit 4 styling, while continuing to support all the functionality from previous versions.


EventBox 4 only supports forms created in Visit 4.

The new EventBox imager makes it easier to get the latest EventBox image and create your own bootable USB sticks. This feature is currently in beta. Refer to Get the latest EventBox image for more information.

# Spreedly

We now have a third-party integration with Spreedly. This allows us to support a wider choice of payment gateways (PSPs). You can view a list of supported gateways on Spreedly's website (opens new window).


This is not a plug-and-play integration. Each payment gateway requires specific configuration. Contact your account manager for more information and pricing details.

# View, edit and export orders

The new Orders tab in the Service Centre provides a sortable and searchable list of all orders associated with an event. You can view order details, edit orders, and export information.

The payment report is now part of the order export, and has been removed from the visitor actions menu.

For more information, refer to Manage orders.

# Export mappings

You can customise what data Visit includes when exporting visitor information from the service centre. Create reusable custom data mappings, containing only the data you want.

For information on exporting user data and creating mappings, refer to Visitor actions.

# Import action codes

You can now bulk import action codes from a spreadsheet. This allows you to generate your own codes, outside Visit.

Refer to Bulk import action codes for more information.

# Visitor import mapping - shop items

Visitor import mappings now support mapping to shop items. This means you can link shop items to visitors when doing a bulk visitor import.


Shop item mapping and import does not include a payment process. You can map to free or paid items, but no payment is taken and Visit sets the value to zero. The visitor registration type must be registered, not invited.

For information on importing visitors, refer to Import visitors.

# New API functionality

We have added new functionality to existing endpoints:

  • The /visitor/ endpoint now includes a record of visitor activity, allowing you to calculate which dates they attended.
  • There are three new fields available from the /partners/ endpoint: license-download-url, visit-connect-invite-link, and download-leads-link:
    • The license-download-url field contains a link where partners can download a PDF file containing all licenses.
    • The visit-connect-invite-link field contains a link where partners can activate their Visit Connect portal. This field is only available when at least one licence has been purchased.
    • The download-leads-link field contains a link where partners can see their leads without creating an account. The functionality is limited. This field is only available when at least one licence has been bought.

API documentation and an interactive console are available here (opens new window).

# Webinars and videos

You can view videos exploring key Visit 4 features on our software demos (opens new window) page. The videos are password protected. Use password Visit4#Tr.

# Coming soon

# Goodbye to Visit 3

Following the positive feedback for Visit 4 we have decided to accelerate the switchover. The next release will focus on turning off access to Visit 3. This is scheduled for June 2020. Don't worry - your forms made in Visit 3 will still be accessible and editable (including things that you need such as Look and Feel, Vouchers, and so on) until at least November 2020, and registrants will still be able to register using Visit 3 forms after 2020. Your emails and documents made in Visit 3 will be available and editable in Visit 4. We highly recommend that any Forms you create from now on are done in Visit 4.

# Visit 3 end of life FAQ

  • What happens when I log in to Visit 3?

    When you log in, you will be redirected from Visit 3 to Visit 4.

  • Can I see forms I created in Visit 3 in the Visit 4 forms list?

    Forms created in Visit 3 will be visible in the forms list in Visit 4.

  • What happens if I open a form I created in Visit 3 from the Visit 4 forms list?

    If you try to edit a Visit 3 form in Visit 4, it will open a new tab and take you to Visit 3 to edit it.

  • Will I always be able to edit forms created in Visit 3?

    The ability to edit forms in Visit 3 will be phased out after November 2020. This is due to browsers ending support for Flash.

  • Will registrants be able to use forms created in Visit 3 after November 2020?

    Registrants can still register using forms created in Visit 3 after November 2020.

  • If a registrant uses a form created in Visit 3, do they appear in the Visit 4 Service Centre?

    All registrants are visible in the Service Centre in both Visit 3 and Visit 4, regardless of what form they used.

# TLS 1.2 enforced

From the 17th May 2020, our API will require HTTPS connections using TLS 1.2. This is necessary to bring us in line with payment card industry requirements. With effect from 17th May, all encrypted connections to our system will only be possible using TLS 1.2 or higher. API transactions which attempt to use TLS 1.0 or TLS 1.1 will fail.