# Release notes Visit 4.20

# Overview

# Visit Connect

As part of the on-going improvement journey, Visit Connect has been through significant changes.

# License

We still offer the native app as well as the web app - to make this easier to manage, we now offer one license which is valid across both platforms.

We’ve merged Staff and Users into a single menu called Team. From here Administrators can oversee the app and badges allocation in one place.

# Security

All staff will need to enter an authorisation code to access Visit Connect. They will receive this via their email.

# Permissions

Each staff member can be assigned different permissions in Visit Connect, including access to scanning leads, colleagues’ leads, exporting leads and administrative functions.

# iOS On-boarding

We have simplified the procedure to Add to Home Screen from Safari.

# Performance

We’ve improved the performance and stability of the platform when operating in a weak internet environment.

# UI

we’ve made a few improvements to the Dashboard and User Interface.

# Devices and Sessions

Each staff member will have their own login to Visit Connect and any activity they do will be shared across any device or session they will use. You no longer need to manage individual devices.

Staff confirmation email now contain the link to Visit Connect.

# Visit

# On-site Printing

On-site printing can now be done from multiple printers depending on the rules set. Practically, if the organiser has EventBox 4.20, more than one printer can be connected to it. That means, for an EventBox license that covers multiple events, the organiser can set rules for printing. For example: Staff badges can be sent to printer A and press badges to printer B. The rules can be set under Onsite > Settings.

# Photo Validation

We now offer picture and identity validation as part of the registration process. This function is part of the Document Management module. Pictures uploaded or taken by registrants during registration can now be automatically validated by the system. Organisers can decide whether they want to verify the identity of a registrant or if the picture simply matches a person and is not an object or animal (human face detection). Uploaded pictures can be seen in the Service Centre, under Visitors > Documents.

# Tax Classes

To support even the most complex VAT systems like the Brazilian VAT calculation, we have introduced Tax Classes. Tax Classes will allow users to define their own VAT rate (high / low rate etc.) and set the value. All shop items will be linked to a Tax Class and when the Tax Behavior (excluding / including VAT) is changed, this will be reflected on the total price to be paid on an order. Tax classes can be set under Event > Settings > Shop.

# Improvements

EventBox filters - EventBox has a new filter module based on visitors tags to better capture the event needs on site.

Co-located events - Visit Go now supports co-located events.

Visit documents - For pre-branded designs, the organiser can now add one watermark per document.

API Statistics - The API Statistics can now be filtered on specific keys.

Import data - New import fields have been added for partners, tags and departments.

QR codes - In the document designer, there are new proper default names for each QR code to ease the design process (QR code default names: visitor, ticket, license and content).

Digital Content - A new summary column has been added when importing or exporting the digital content.

Onsite Settings Screen - A new visual structure has been implemented following the structure: Appearance - General - Printing.

Service Centre Activity Export - Exporting a document in Service Centre now has Add registration source to facilitate the analysis of the event data.