# Release notes Visit 4.2

This page provides an overview of key new features and improvements in Visit 4.2.

# New features

# Advanced deduplication

We've introduced a new form of deduplication. With this it is possible to dedupe data that is already in your database. You can assign a hierarchy, the system will then propose a master record based on that and you can confirm (or change) that. For more information refer to Visitor actions.

# Account management

As part of our ongoing commitment to data security GES has created a new user permission called account management. This permission allows the creation, editing and deletion of Visit user accounts.

By default it has been given to all admin users within your organisation. Only admin users can have this permission.

# SPF validation

An SPF record identifies which mail servers are permitted to send email on behalf of your domain. Its purpose is to prevent spammers from sending messages with forged 'from' addresses at your domain.

Visit checks if it can send emails your domain name. To do this, it checks the SPF (sender policy framework) list of your server. If Visit's mail server is listed, Visit can send emails from your domain. If the mail server is not on your server's SPF list, Visit will send emails with noreply@gesevent.com as the 'from' address. For more information, refer to View SPF diagnostics.

# You may need to update your SPF records:

To set up an SPF record, add a TXT type entry to your domain DNS.

v=spf1 include:servers.gesevent.com ~all

If you already have an existing SPF record then add servers.gesevent.com.

# Current attendees data

We have added a new statistic to Basic Intelligence. The Current attendees report on the Dashboard tells you how many people are currently scanned in to the venue. For more information, refer to Current attendees.

# Improvements

# Visit Intelligence app

You should start to see the great new look and feel come through as an update to your Visit Intelligence app.

# Downloads

All download requests now go in to a queue. Once completed, a green arrow appears at the top of Visit.You can continue to use the system while the download is prepared. The file is available to download for three hours after the request is made.

# Partner export

The partner export file now has three tabs: partners, action codes and personnel.

# Filter on action code name

You can now use the name of a code (range) as a condition for filters and rules. Previously, you could only use the code itself (or part thereof) as a condition.

# System question alignment

In Visit 3, system questions are always aligned to the left of the answers. All other questions could be aligned above the answers. In Visit 4, all questions (system or other) can be aligned both ways.

# Use nationality in rules

You can now use the nationality field in rules.