# Release notes Visit 4.18

# Overview

# Visit Connect

# Limited web app licence

Visit Connect web app can now be purchased as a single app licence (only unlimited before). Should exhibitors need to use Visit Connect on multiple devices, they can upgrade to unlimited in the Visit Connect portal.

# Visit

# Payments

Visit is now directly integrated with Stripe. Customers wanting to use Stripe as their payment service provider, no longer need to enable Spreedly to use it.

# Access control

We’ve added a new rule for access control, which can be used to allow time based access, regardless of the date. Example: allow access on any day(s) after 9am.

# Improvements

  • Digital content - we’ve added the option to filter content based on its type - partner or product.
  • Ticket order in shop bundle - moving forward, when a bundle ticket is ordered, the admission ticket will always be on top of the document list.
  • Partner import wizard - we’ve added a new field called “title”.
  • Tickets import - ticket items can now be added via import. Export is also available.
  • Bulk update - it is now possible to update visitors in bulk, for example you can adjust the form of several visitors at once or assign a selection of visitors to an exhibitor (making them staff).
  • Vouchers - we’ve added the price of each individual purchased item, on vouchers issued as part of group registration. This can be enabled when adding the new dynamic field called #order_individual#.
  • Identifying exhibitors with no activity in Visit Connect - an organiser can now identify those exhibitors that did not access Visit Connect or have not added any staff, by using the new filters “used Visit Connect” and “staff count” in Service Centre > Partners > Advanced filter.
  • Codes overview - we’ve enhanced the overview details table by adding usage count, usage type, discount and shop item columns.
  • Exhibitor tags - exhibitors can now be labeled. To help organisers easier search for exhibitors, we’ve introduced the option (Service centre > Partners) to add tags against exhibitors.
  • Reference to questions and answers - to easier identify and update questions and answers via API integrations, we’ve added the option to add an external reference to questions and answers.
  • Notification URL - organisers can now include their own query string in the notification URL.

# Touchpoints

We’ve added the option to link Touchpoints directly in Visit (previously only available via the EventBox).


Seminar attendance data is now available via the new JSON API.