# Release notes Visit 4.17

# Overview

# Visit Connect

# Exhibitor accounts

Accessing Visit Connect has been further simplified by discontinuing exhibitor accounts. Moving forward, each event data will be hosted separately, but with easy access to it (from within the Visit Connect portal).

# Two-Factor Authentication

We have enhanced the security of Visit Connect administrator access by adding a second authentication layer. This means that when a user (who has not previously opened Visit Connect on a specific device) will try to access Visit Connect, an email will be triggered, which will contain a temporary code for them to confirm their identity and log into the application.

# Sharing Visit Connect access

To easier share access to Visit Connect (desktop and mobile), we’ve added an option within Users > Invite user which centralises all 3 types of access - admin, staff and lead capture. When using the Invite user option, an email is being sent to the invited person with a dedicated access link.

# Visit

# Partner import wizard

The partner import has been greatly enhanced. It now works as a wizard, users being guided on how to upload their data. They can choose to manually map the data in their file to the data fields from Visit, or they can choose to let Visit do the mapping, by using an existing data template. Either way the process is now easier, more accurate and error proof.

# Digital content via API

Digital content can now be created/updated/deleted via the API (digital content was read only before).

# reCaptcha in form

To prevent registration spam, we’ve introduced reCaptcha as a form setting. It can be enabled as Always on, Always off and Automatic. The Automatic mode will detect spam based on the number of attempts using an advanced risk analysis engine.

# Shop item availability in forms

We’ve added the option to hide, in the form, the remaining number of available shop items. If enabled, registrants will no longer see the number of available items left.

# Co-located event reporting

Co-located events (with no access control points in-between) will share the attendees’s numbers, regardless of the event entry point used.

# Visit Go

Visit Go now supports badge scanning, with all rules and conditions defined (in online mode only).