# Release notes Visit 4.13

# Overview

Visit 4.13 introduces new functionalities for Visit, Visitor Portal and Visit EventBox.

# Highlights

# System availability

The release will take place on Sunday, July 11th, 2021, starting at 23:00 (CET). During the release, some functions of Visit by GES will not be accessible and registrations may be unable to take place. We expect the required work to take less than one hour, after which functionality will be fully restored. @VisitStatus (opens new window) will tweet once the work is complete.

# Seminars

# Seminar access control

The event box (seminar mode) has been configured to support access control for multiple seminars in one location. Each event box will automatically handle access control based on the parameters defined for that location and those seminars (date and time are considered).

# Other

  • Capacity indicator per seminar/location
  • Access denied if already scanned in or out (Visit > Onsite > Settings > General EventBox settings > Access Control)
  • Event local time displayed

# Seminar Reporting

  • An overview of seminars activity is now available in Service Centre > Seminars. One can quickly check who attended a seminar, how much time they spent in and when they left.
  • Seminar details (name, date, attendance state etc) are now available for each visitor under Service Centre > Visitors > Visitor > Seminars.
  • Visitors can now be filtered based on seminars attendance. This is available under Service Centre > Visitors > Basic Filters.
  • Seminars can now be exported from Service Centre > Export/Export All.

# Co-located events

Colocated events are now integrated for a seamless visitor and exhibitor experience.

Main highlights below:

  • Using the Visitor Portal visitors can access 2 or more co-located events without having to register for both
  • Using the Visitor Portal visitors can collect content from 2 or more co-located events
  • Using Visit Connect exhibitors can collect visitors from 2 or more co-located events


Only the Visit team can enable co-located shows.

# Alerts

  • SMS and Email alerts are now available for event and seminars capacity
  • On-site registrations using the EventBox trigger the confirmation email to be sent

# Improvements

# Registration forms

  • Gender options have been expanded to include “other" and "prefer not to say”. Salutation for the 2 is by default “Mx"
  • Complete page can now be customised if payment method is “invoice”.
  • Forms are no longer differentiated by type. All forms are regarded the same, without the option to mark them as “online”, “onsite” etc.

# Content QR labels

  • QR codes can now be printed directly from Visit > Digital Content
  • QR codes can now be printed in different formats: small, large and large with help (this includes content details).

# Badge design

  • Custom fields can now be added and printed on badges

# Visitor Portal

  • Easy Visitor Portal login with temporary code via SMS or/and Email
  • Easy switch between 2 colocated events
  • Open Graph data is now available for Visitor Portal and Visit Connect

Important Note: Document Designer 1 is no longer available. Moving forward, all documents will be designed using Document Designer 2.