# Release notes Visit 4.12

# Overview

Visit 4.12 introduces new functionalities for Visit Connect and improvements for Visit EventBox.

# Highlights

# System availability

The release will take place on Sunday, June 6th, 2021, starting at 23:00 (CET). During the release, some functions of Visit by GES will not be accessible and registrations may be unable to take place. We expect the required work to take less than one hour, after which functionality will be fully restored. @VisitStatus (opens new window) will tweet once the work is complete.

# Visit Connect

Visit Connect is now available as a web application.

Released at the end of April this year, the new Visit Connect continues to be improved. We have added:

  • Device Management which allows Exhibitors to set leads permissions for their staff on-site
  • User name identification - basic level users are now asked to identify themselves before using the app so exhibitors can trace who added a specific lead
  • Terms & Conditions - exhibitors will have to accept the Terms and Conditions of the app before using it

# Visit EventBox

  • Access control points are no longer limited to 1 seminar. One access control point can handle multiple seminars. Timing rules can also be defined per access control point.