# Release notes Visit 4.11

# Overview

With Visit 4.11 we see the release of the new Visit Connect web application, a new structure of the Visit modules along other improvements within Visit, Visit Eventbox and Visit API.

# Highlights

# System availability

The release will take place on Sunday, April 25, 2021, starting at 23:00 (CET). During the release, some functions of Visit by GES will not be accessible and registrations may be unable to take place. We expect the required work to take less than one hour, after which functionality will be fully restored. @VisitStatus (opens new window) will tweet once the work is complete.

# Visit Connect as a web application

Visit Connect is now available as a web application. Built under progressive web technology, the new Visit Connect app does not require any download or installation. It can be used by anyone, anywhere and on any device.

A few highlights below:

  • No download or installation needed
  • Has all the features of the native Visit Connect app
  • Works on all devices, regardless of the operating system
  • Can be used offline
  • Easy licence deployment

The Visit Connect native application will continue to be available and run in parallel with the new web application.

# Visit Modules

To better reflect the latest and future Visit functionalities and to support commercial commitments, Visit modules are now organised under Organisation > Subscriptions.

The new structure clearly indicates which modules are available to organisers and which are available to exhibitors.

# Improvements

# Group registration

  • It is now possible to identify in Service Centre the people registered within a group as well as the main registrant for that group. They are marked with “group” and “main”.
  • It is now possible to see in Service Centre > Visitor Detail the ordered items linked to individual group members.
  • Time-slot selection is now available for individual people within a group.
  • It is now possible to import time-slots for visitors, via the import file.
  • Auto-fill is now available for registrants within a group. Group registrants will receive the details of the main registrant, except for the name and email address which must be entered manually.

# EventBox

  • The message appearing on the access control screen has been enhanced.

# Shop

  • It is now possible to add labels to each price in a price scheme (examples: early bird, normal, last minute)


  • Exhibitor, Visitor Portal and Confirmation Document URLs are now available in the API. Interested 3rd parties can request the URLs for a consistent user experience.