# Glossary

# Attendee

A person who has registered for an event and attends it. Attendance is counted based on the attendance calculation settings in your event settings. Visit counts each person once, even if they have several visits. Attendees include visitors, exhibitor staff and event staff.

# Current attendees

The current attendees report tells you how many visitors are currently inside the venue. This figure is live and constantly changing as people arrive and leave the event. Organisers can view this data on the Basic Intelligence Dashboard.

# Custom field

Custom fields are dynamic fields that are created by an organisation or event administrator.

# Deduplication

Deduplication prevents registrants from creating a new record with an email address already in the system.

# Dwelling time

Dwelling time is the amount of time that a visitor spends inside at your event. It excludes time spent outside (such as when a visitor leaves for a lunch break). Visit calculates the dwelling time at the end of the day and reports it in the visitor activity log.

# Dynamic field

A text, surrounded by hash marks (#), that is automatically replaced with a value in output. Visit gets the field value from your event settings. For example, #event_name#. See Dynamic fields for available options.

# Event

An event in Visit represents an actual event such as a trade show, conference or corporate event.

# Lead

A person who is scanned by a partner during an event.

# Partner

A company participating in an event. They may be exhibitors.

# Registrant

Someone who has completed a registration form for the event. They may be a visitor or partner.

# Visit

Each day a registrant attends an event counts as one visit. If the event spans three days and a registrant attends every day, Visit counts three visits for that registrant. Visits are counted based on the attendance calculation settings in event setup.

# Voucher

A voucher is a registrant's e-ticket. Once they complete the registration process they should print this out and take it to the event. At the event, a host scans the barcode on the voucher to record the registrant's attendance.