# Touchpoints

# What are Touchpoints?

Visit Touchpoints are NFC readers that deliver digital content to visitors, capture leads and register behavioural insight. Working in conjunction with the smart badge technology, Visit Touchpoints drive engagement, connect participants, and provide insight into the show floor.

# How do they work?

Touchpoints are linked to event or partner digital content (seminars, products etc.), which the visitors can collect using their NFC smart badges. When visitors place their smart badge on a touchpoint, they collect information which can be accessed in the Visitor Portal. In return, the partner will collect the visitor’s information as a lead that can be accessed in Visit Connect.

# Prerequisites

  • Contact your client manager at least six weeks before the event to ensure you have the Content Management and Sharing subscriptions active for both Event and Partner modules and book the necessary hardware stock.
  • Ensure that all the digital content has been added in Visit and that no further changes will be made once Touchpoint linking starts.
  • In the Onsite > General EventBox settings set up an EventBox password and tick the Visit Connect checkbox.
  • Before linking Touchpoints, make sure you have an EventBox licence, and Touchpoint licences added for all the content you wish to link. You can add individual licences for partners by going to Service Centre > Partners > Edit Contact > Licences, you can ask your client manager to add touchpoint licences at event level, which will make them available for all partners, or you can create licences via the API. In case your information is added via API, do not add licences manually!


To check available Touchpoint licences for the event, go to Onsite > Partner Scanners in Visit and see the Touchpoints assigned tab.

  • Check with your client manager to make sure the Touchpoints are upgraded to the latest firmware, and also make sure that the EventBox has the latest firmware version as well.

# Preparing Touchpoints for an event

  1. Fully charge all Touchpoints using a 16 or 32-slot charging dock. While charging, the right LED will blink red intermittently. When a Touchpoint is fully charged, the top green LED will stay on.
  2. Start the EventBox and enter the licence code set up for Touchpoint linking. For information on configuring your EventBox settings in Visit, refer to EventBox.
  3. Check the Visit Connect option in the Terminal Settings.
  4. Connect a Touchpoint to the EventBox using an USB cable. This will serve as an NFC reader for the linking. A blue LED will blink intermittently once the reader is connected.
  5. Connect a Zebra printer to the EventBox. Make sure that the printer is turned on and it has a label roll inserted.


Labelling Touchpoints is not mandatory, but using labels makes it easier to identify the devices during and at the end of the event.

  1. Sort the list by Company name or Stand number, depending on how you want to link and distribute devices.
  2. Take the Touchpoint you want to link and use a SIM tray pin to shortly press the reset button at the bottom, to the right of the charging port. This will activate the Touchpoint. The left red LED will blink shortly once the device is on, and it will keep blinking until it is linked.
  3. Select a partner from the list to which you assign the Touchpoint.
  4. Place the Touchpoint on the NFC reader (the Touchpoint connected to the EventBox), facing each other. The reader glows green when it detects an active Touchpoint, and an Assign touchpoint button will appear at the bottom of the page. Note that if the partner you selected has no Touchpoint licences, you will not have the option to assign a device.


Remember to always tick the Print label checkbox if you wish to label your Touchpoints. This will create a label containing the stand number and name of the company.

  1. Click the Assign touchpoint button. This will open a dialog containing the list of content available to be linked. Note that you can only link as many items as the available Touchpoint licences per partner, even if there are more items in the list.
  2. Select the item to link and click the Assign touchpoint button again. The Touchpoint will be linked to the selected content and a label will be printed. Apply the label to the left side of the Touchpoint. Repeat the process for each item in the partner’s list.


You can assign one Touchpoint per item. You will be allowed to assign a second Touchpoint only as a replacement, which will unlink the first linked device.

  1. If you are linking Touchpoints a few hours or days before the event, use an NFC Standby card to turn off the devices after linking. Just place the badge in front of the Touchpoint and wait for 5-10 seconds until it blinks green and beeps shortly. This will prevent the Touchpoint from interacting with other NFC devices and will prevent battery drainage.

# Onsite checklist

  • EventBox – for replacing or linking additional Touchpoints
  • Zebra label printer – for labelling replacements or newly linked Touchpoints
  • Label roll - for the Zebra printer
  • Touchpoints (linked + 10-20% spares)
  • USB readers - these are Touchpoints with printer-board and antenna for Badge-linking. The number of USB readers is the same as the number of EventBoxes used for registration, they are installed inside the badge printers
  • charging docks (32 or 16 slots)
  • USB cable - for connecting a Touchpoint to the EventBox used for onsite linking
  • NFC Standby card + SIM tray pin – for turning Touchpoints off/on
  • spare 3M stickers – these go on the back of the Touchpoints, needed for replacements

# Onsite best practices

# Build up

  1. Place the spare Touchpoints into charging docks and let them charge
  2. Activate the linked Touchpoints
  3. Check the status (battery and signal) in Visit 4. Replace and charge the Touchpoints with medium battery (50% and below) .
  4. Check if all the partners have the correct amount of Touchpoints assigned (Visit > Partner scanner).
  5. Start the distribution as per usual process. Ask the exhibitor to touch the Touchpoint once received.

# During the show

  1. Monitor the Touchpoints (Green status, Battery, Signal) in Visit 4 (https://visit.gesevent.com/). Replace if needed (never remove the label).
  2. During the event, monitor all the exhibitors with low number of touches (less than 10) and make sure someone visits the booth to check why the device is not used.
  3. You can check the number of touches in the Onsite > Touchpoints section.

# Break down

  1. Unlink all Touchpoints.
  2. Check if all Touchpoints have been returned and unlinked in Visit 4 (all Touchpoints should have the little grey flag instead of color dot).
  3. If not, list the stand number and check the booth again to see if the device is there.
  4. Don’t put swapped Touchpoints which haven’t been unlinked yet and Touchpoints which couldn’t be unlinked in the green boxes. They should be marked accordingly and placed separately.

# Missing readers

  1. If there are still Touchpoints missing at the end, please email the list of missing Touchpoints to your GES Account Manager.


Don’t put found Touchpoints from another event into the shipment. They need to be returned separately to GES. Contact your client manager for details.

# Troubleshooting

  • Touchpoint linked to the wrong exhibitor

If it is not the last day of the event

Stop using the reader and e-mail support (as soon as possible) with the following information:

  • Put TOUCHES in the subject line
  • Event name, stand name(s), content name(s), Touchpoint ID(s) - you can get it when placing the Touchpoint on the reader attached to the EventBox;
  • name of the exhibitor to which it should have been linked
  • if available, visitor names or emails to verify what’s wrong and what should be fixed

Do not wait until the end of the event as touches need to be transferred to the correct exhibitor before the last day of the event.

Don’t unlink the swapped Touchpoint(s) until the touches are transferred

If at the last day of the event (at midday) touches are still not swapped, send a reminder to the Support desk.

If it is the last day of the event

  • Follow above process and if at the end of the event leads are still not swapped/transferred.
  • Do not remove the label from the Touchpoint, make a clear note that Touchpoint(s) is/are not unlinked due to touches that need to be transferred/swapped. Mention the device ID , event name, and the ticket number (helpdesk)
  • Place the Touchpoint separately and include the above paper note to the touchpoint shipment and inform the GES Account Manager by email.
  • Reader which can’t be unlinked
  • Use another touchpoint attached to the EventBox and try again.
  • Still not working? Contact the Support Helpdesk via phone
  • Identify the touchpoint as “not unlinked” when preparing the return shipment.

Touchpoint status

Everything is fine

No heartbeat received for approx.. 1 hour and 5 minutes – check the device (signal, battery etc.). Replace if necessary.

No heartbeat received for approx.. 1 hour and 40 min – check the device (signal, battery etc.). Replace if necessary

Touchpoint is assigned but no heartbeat received – Go the stand and check the device by touching it to make sure it is working. Replace if necessary.

Touchpoint has been returned

# Contact details Helpdesk

Office hours: +44 1923 690690 (UK), +31 23 512 0160 (all other offices)

Outside office hours (urgencies): +44 1923 594315

Email: visit.support@ges.com (UK), visit.help@ges.com (all other offices)