# Use EventBox on your laptop

There are two ways to use the EventBox on your laptop:

  • Use a bootable USB stick with the EventBox software. Contact your client manager to get this, or use the Visit Imager. Refer to Get the latest EventBox image for more information.
  • Install EventBox software onto your laptop.


Installing EventBox onto your laptop deletes the operating system and all files on your laptop.

# Install EventBox onto your laptop

These instructions are for Windows 8 and Windows 10 users. Contact your client manager if you need help on Linux or macOS.

# Prerequisites

  • Your laptop must be able to boot from a USB stick and write to the local HDD (hard disk drive).
  • You need two USB sticks with a minimum size of 16GB. You use one stick for the EventBox image, and one for the EventBox loader image. Refer to Get the latest EventBox image for more information.
  • Your laptop must have at least two USB ports.

# Install EventBox

You need the two USB sticks that you prepared in the previous steps.

  1. Make sure your laptop is switched off.
  2. Insert the USB stick with the EventBox loader image on it. Do not insert the EventBox image stick yet.
  3. Start your laptop and enter the boot menu. Accessing the boot menu varies depending on your machine, but usually you need to press F12 or F8 as the computer starts.
  4. Select the USB loader stick as the boot device. This runs the loader software.
  5. Select the option EventBox image copy from USB.
  6. Insert the EventBox image USB. Do not remove the loader USB. You will see a screen asking which USB to copy the image from.
  7. Select the USB EventBox image.
  8. Select Ok. You will see a screen asking which disk to install the image on.
  9. Select your local HDD.
  10. Confirm that you want to continue.


    This wipes the HDD on your laptop.

  11. When the process finishes, it will ask you if you want to reboot. Select Yes. The laptop reboots and starts the EventBox software.