# Troubleshooting

# Opticon scanner

# The Opticon scanner is unresponsive

If a scanner has become unresponsive after it has been assigned to an exhibitor, do the following:

  1. Ask the exhibitor to return the scanner to you.
  2. If the exhibitor has already used the scanner to collect lead data, reassure them that their data is not lost. It is stored on the scanner itself and can be retrieved by GES's technical staff.
  3. If necessary, create a new scan licence for the exhibitor and assign a new scanner to them. Refer to Assign an Opticon scanner to an exhibitor for more information.
  4. Put the scanner in a cradle and let it charge for a few hours. Many scanner issues are the result of an empty battery.
  5. If the scanner is still unresponsive after charging, return the scanner to your GES contact person and ask them to arrange a manual download of the lead data.

# The Opticon scanner cradle is unresponsive

If a scanner cradle has become unresponsive and does not allow you to assign or unassign scanners to exhibitors, try the following:

  1. Check that both the USB and power cable are plugged into the cradle: Photo of Opticon cradle wires


    If you have a cradle with just one slot, it will not have a separate power cable. It receives power from the EventBox computer through the USB cable.

  2. Check that the USB cable is connected to the USB port of the EventBox computer.

  3. Check that the power cable is connected to a working power outlet.

  4. Check that the jumper switches on the back of the cradle are set to the correct positions. Cradles have either six or eight jumper switches. In either case, only jumper six should be in the 'on' position. If your cradle has no jumpers, skip this step.

    Opticon cradle jumpers diagram

  5. Disconnect all cables from the cradle and then reconnect them.