# Shut down the EventBox

When you shut down an EventBox, a final database sync happens. It is important to let this process complete to ensure that all data is added to the central database.

  1. Either push the power button on the EventBox or use the Shutdown icon. The shutdown icon is available on all screens except Self Registration.
  2. Select Shut down. A message appears, telling you that the EventBox is synchronizing data.
  3. After one minute, if the shutdown is incomplete, a message appears giving you the option to force shutdown. If you force a shutdown, check the EventBox status in Visit. Refer to Monitor EventBoxes for more information.


EventBox automatically shuts down when the laptop's battery power drops to 7%. This is to ensure that the shutdown procedure can be completed properly and no data is lost. Hover over the battery indicator in the system tray to see how much battery power is left.