# Manage questions

Access from homepage: Select your event > Manage questions

You can use a question list to gather information about your leads.


Set up your questions before the start of the event. Editing questions after the event overwrites lead data.

# Create custom questions

Access from dashboard: Select your event > Manage questions

  1. Select + Add.
  2. Enter a Question name.
  3. Select a question type:
    • Multiple choice: answers are checkboxes. Respondents can select one or more.
    • Single choice: answers are radio buttons. Respondents can select one.
    • Free text: answers are a text box. Respondents can enter any text.


      Free text questions can only be answered through the scan app, not the barcode scanner.

  4. Enter your answer options.
  5. Select Save.

Repeat this for each custom question.


You can create as many questions as you want, but consider that each question takes time to answer. GES recommend a maximum of 10 questions.

# Disable questions

Access from dashboard: Select your event > Manage questions

By default, standard questions and any custom questions you create are enabled.

You can disable any questions that you do not want to use:

  1. Select Edit .
  2. Toggle the Enabled setting to disabled. It appears pale blue when enabled, and grey when disabled.
  3. Select Save.

Visit Connect hides disabled questions from the scan app and the printable barcode sheets. If you disable a question that already has responses, this data is also hidden.