# Manage scan licences

Access from dashboard: Select your event > Scan licences

You can email the licences to the recipients, or export the licences and distribute them:

  • Email: they receive a QR code, which they can scan to activate their scan app.
  • Export: you can download a PDF of all the licences, which you can then print.

Select the licences you want to distribute, then select either Email scan app licence(s) or Export the licence(s).


When a recipient activates a Scan App licence, you cannot email it again. Scan Web App licenses, however, have no usage limit, thus they can be used by as many staff as needed.

Visit Connect Scan Licenses allow you and your staff to instantly access the app and start collecting leads immediately.

Sharing Scan Licenses

  1. The link for Stand Personnel access is available in the Visit Connect portal and can be e-mailed by selecting each registered Stand Personnel in the list.

  2. For Scan access level, the link can be found in the Visit Connect portal and licenses can be shared via e-mail or exported as a PDF so that the QR code for the license can be printed and/or scanned.


The QR code for Scan access level can be also accessed in the Access the App section of the Dashboard.