# Introduction

This section provides an introduction to Visit Connect, and an overview of the Visit Connect workflow.

# Purpose

Visit Connect supports exhibitors at events. It enables you to connect with potential sales leads during an event. You can capture information about leads, and provide digital content such as white papers or brochures, which visitors can access after the event.

# Components

There are three parts to Visit Connect:

  • Web portal: this allows you to manage licences, upload content, set lead acquisition targets, and view and export lead data.
  • Scan App: a progressive web application that allows event staff to scan visitor badges to collect lead data.
  • Touchpoint: a device that allows visitors to collect digital content from you, using an NFC card.

# Visit Connect workflow

This page provides an overview of the workflow for using Visit Connect, from initial setup to reporting after the event.

Stage Help
Buy licences Buy licences
Create custom visitor questions Profile questions
Invite guests Invite guests
Add digital content Add digital content
Register staff Staff
User management User management
Review and export lead data Manage leads

# Buy licences

You need app and touchpoint licences to use Visit Connect. You can get licences:

  • By purchasing them through GES' online shop. Contact Visit Connect support for the shop link by email at visitconnect@ges.com or through the web contact form (opens new window).
  • From the organiser. In this case, the organiser buys the licences and GES imports them into Visit. Contact the organiser to discuss requirements.

There are two types of licence:

  • Scan app licences.
  • Touchpoint licences. Refer to Touchpoints for information on using touchpoints.


  • Your event may not use both products. Check with the event organiser to confirm which products are available.
  • You do not need to buy licences to deliver digital content with QR codes.

# Billing, invoices and receipts

If you order licences from the event organiser, they send you a receipt. Contact them if you do not receive it.

If you order your licences through the GES online shop, you receive the receipt by email. Contact support if you do not receive it.